We understand the challenges recruiting overseas staff and we have a deep knowledge of our clients’ requirements.

We believe we talk the same language as our stakeholders (applicants, employers, relevant regulatory bodies like the NMC, POEA, Philippines government authorities and national immigration authorities). We have a shared interest with a motivation to work together to achieve our goals.


The key tenets of our approach explain why:


Our Company – Single interface ‘one-stop-shop’

We are part of an International Recruitment Group based in the Philippines, we are able to offer unique value and advantages throughout the recruitment process which afford significant benefits to our employer clients. We offer a much lower than market rate because we are able to cut out the middle man whilst still providing the benefits afforded by our UK Client Relationship Management interface.

The main difference is that our UK Client Relationship Management focus is integrated into the Philippines process. This extends to oversight of the shortlisting process, pre-screening interviews and accompanying clients where necessary to the Philippines for final interviews. Because of this we are able to provide a far more efficient recruitment interface throughout the campaign simplifying all aspects of the process.

Our Innovative Solutions

Our intimate knowledge of the UK nursing environment and the challenges recruiting overseas nurses for the UK as well as our understanding of the complexities recruiting in the Philippines has enabled us to design bespoke solutions tailored to overcome these challenges.

Our solutions and recruiting approach are innovative because they uniquely focus on improving both the client and candidate experience and significantly reducing cost and recruitment lead time. We are able to offer our services at a much lower than market rate which further reduces costs to our clients.

Our Understanding

We believe our understanding of clients’ requirements is second to none because we have a deep nursing experience within our senior management team. Our Recruiting Director is a Filipino nurse with over 15 years UK experience as a senior nurse.

Our intimate understanding of the healthcare recruitment market from the perspective of employer and candidates has enabled us to take a fresh approach developing unique recruitment services for employers and candidates to take the pain out of overseas recruitment.

We understand the complexities of recruiting overseas workers from the Philippines and our Group is one of the market leaders in the recruiting and manning sector.

Our Network

With such extensive experience among our Filipino management team and advisors it is hardly surprising that we have a deep and broad network of Filipino healthcare professionals in most global regions. This network includes practitioners, hospitals and educational organisations in the Philippines.

Our network not only provides access to a global manpower pool but also ensures we have the best connections in the Philippines both at Government level and within the healthcare community.

Our Capability and Experience

Britannia Healthcare has created a recruitment partnership with more than 40 years of successful recruiting experience.

Our Filipino partner is a market leader in the recruitment and manpower services sector with an impressive track record, a proven capability and extensive resources.

Our nursing experience and understanding of both our clients and candidates requirements means we are well placed to support UK employers with their overseas recruitment programmes.


Teamwork is at the centre of our operating culture, and cooperation and coordination between our UK and Filipino organisations is essential to the success of our company.

‘Britannia Healthcare provides a single interface connecting our clients directly with the best candidates in the Philippines’.

We believe that because of the unique culture and organisation we have created, that we will generate the most positive impacts for our clients and candidates.