Agency Staff

Britannia Healthcare is a recognised supplier of permanent, temporary and contract clinical staff to the NHS.  The company was awarded its first contract in September 2016 to supply clinical staff to the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership framework ranging from consultants, doctors, nurses, OPDs and healthcare workers.

We currently have a modest but growing pool of agency nurses mostly focussed in the London area and south of England.  We are recruiting a large cohort of Filipino nurses top join the Britannia Healthcare clinical staffing team in 2017.

Our ethos is based around our friendly and personal touch.  We genuinely care about our staff because the majority are known to us as ex-colleagues, friends or are recommended by our staff members.


We treat our staff with respect, honesty and dignity.  Our agency team is managed by an experienced senior nurse with 10 years agency experience.  Therefore we understand what the prioities are for agency nurses and clients alike and we strive to ensure we deliver an agency service that satisfies the needs of both our clinical staff and our clients.

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Britannia Healthcare received investment and support from Dome Recruitment (a supplier of contractors and permanent staff to the public sector including the NHS, MoJ and MoD).  This enhances our back office capability and ensures we are able to finance and administer large volumes of contract and agency staff.  We aim to pay our agency staff within 5 working days of receipt of invoice (or timesheet).