International Recruitment

By creating a single interface via our Philippines company we can significantly reduce recruitment costs and lead-time whilst eliminating complexity and nonessential third parties from the recruitment process.

Britannia Healthcare generates ‘like for like’ cost reduction of between 35% – 60% via our ‘international recruitment service’

Even for low order volumes this equates to £M’s savings compared with other NHS suppliers

Game Changing Recruitment Model

The ‘Britannia Way’ means reducing cost and complexity whilst increasing value and efficiency by providing a high standard of recruiting support in the UK and Philippines.  We have developed a recruitment model that enables our client employers to  ‘recruit direct’ at source by contracting with Britannia Healthcare.  We are able to achieve unparalleled levels of cost reduction via our ownership of a healthcare focused recruitment agency in the Philippines (Sharp BH Global Manpower).  This ‘economy of scale’ enables us to charge much lower placement fees a financial benefit equivalent to eliminating unnecessary third parties and middle men from the recruitment process.

BH_Single interface Graphic_Nov 2016

We will provide a superior support service throughout the recruitment process both in the UK and the Philippines.  This includes the personal commitment and engagement of our co-founding director, a Filipino and senior nurse who has served in the NHS for more than 15 years and fully understands the needs of both employers and candidates.

Britannia Benefits

  • Much lower Placement Fees (per nurse)
  • Reduced recruiting ‘lead-time’
  • Reduced ‘candidate churn’
  • Reduction in administration, hassle and stress (recruiting from Philippines)
  • Our unique operating model which enables us to eliminate unnecessary third parties and significantly reduce costs
  • Our IELTS review course is the only ‘in-house’ tailored course on the market
  • Our knowledge and experience of the NHS clinical nursing environment and the process for recruiting Filipino nurses
  • Our extensive network of Filipino nurses extends globally and includes a growing number of IELTS passers
  • Our Welfare Programme which extends to nurses and employers throughout their contract
  • The active involvement of our co-founder and senior nursing director throughout the recruitment campaign and process to support employer and candidates. This ensures the selection of the best quality most suitable nurses who are most likely to successfully progress through the recruitment process

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment support is underpinned by our understanding of the challenges and issues faced when recruiting Filipino staff, particularly directly from the Philippines.  We are proactive in our efforts with both candidates and employers to consider and resolve these challenges which can have a direct impact on successful recruitment outcomes.

There are typically 6 distinct phases to our recruitment process.  The process is overseen by our Nursing Director who is intimately involved in the selection process.

Recruiting Process_BH_Graphic

Following formal POLO accreditation and POEA approval in Manila we begin formal recruitment.  We advertise through multi-media channels, word of mouth, network, hospitals and we have a database of registered candidates seeking overseas employment.

Our recruitment teams in our Manila and Cebu offices collate a long-list of suitable candidates.  This long-list is reviewed and following initial face to face interviews a short list is generated.

Our recruitment teams conduct all screening to ensure that candidate credentials, paperwork and compliancy requirements are accurate.  Candidates are prepared for interview as required by clients.  Interviews will be conducted at our offices in Manila.

Successful candidates will be offered jobs.  We recommend a contingency is built into the selection process to allow for ‘churn’.

We will assist candidates to process their documentation and application (including support with exams and reviews as required).  During this phase we act as liaison between candidates and employer to ‘nurture’, encourage and support employers and candidates.

We provide welfare support to all our candidates during their employment.  The extent of this support will depend on a number of factors including the candidate’s involvement, our clients’ engagement and requirements.