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Britannia Healthcare is the lowest cost NHS clinical staff supplier

Britannia Healthcare offers greater cost reduction and value compared to all other suppliers of clinical staff to the NHS

Our Services

Contract Staffing:  We recruit and employ qualified Filipino nurses who we subcontract to NHS trusts (for 6 – 24 months).  This solution is typically 20% – 60% lower cost compared with agency rates.

Agency Staffing:  We are an approved supplier of agency staff to the LPP’s National Clinical Staffing Framework.

Permanent Recruitment:  Our international recruitment solution is a straight forward placement which we are able to execute at between 35 % – 60% lower cost than our competitors.  We also have contracts with the NHS for the supply of ‘domestic/national’ clinical staff.

Cost Savings Comparison

Colin Pettifer, Managing Director, britannia Healthcare said “we are able to achieve these levels of cost reduction in part via our ownership of a healthcare focused recruitment agency in the Philippines.  This ‘economy of scale’ enables us to charge much lower rates whilst still providing a high standard of UK support and management”.

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Britannia Healthcare awarded nationwide NHS contract

Awarded Supplier_LPP_CPP_logo

Britannia Healthcare has been awarded a place on the new National Clinical Staffing Framework for the NHS.

Being awarded a place on Lot 1 and 2 of the National Clinical Staffing Framework, developed for the NHS by the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, means that Britannia Healthcare can supply temporary, permanent staff and fixed term staff to clinical positions in the NHS.

Britannia Healthcare successfully underwent an independent audit of our services and met the criteria for providing qualified clinical staff who can give high quality patient care at rates within the pay caps set by the government. These pay caps have been introduced to help the NHS control spiralling agency staffing costs.

Colin Pettifer, MD and founder of Britannia Healthcare said “We are delighted to have been awarded a place on the National Clinical Staffing Framework. We understand the challenges being faced by the NHS and are keen to help the NHS to provide quality patient care.”

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Britannia Healthcare merges with leading Philippines recruiter

Britannia Healthcare merger with Sharp BH Global Manpower of the Philippines

Britannia Healthcare have agreed a merger with Sharp BH Global Manpower Inc. a company incorporated in the Philippines.  Sharp BH Global Manpower is part of the CF Sharp Group, one of the most respected and largest manpower companies in the Philippines specialising in supplying sea-based staff to some of the worlds best known shipping companies.  The company typcially recruits and mobilises around 1500 staff per month and currently has more than 10,000 deployed on contract.

The merger brings together CF Sharps expertise in the recruiting sector in the Philippines   to enable Britannia Healthcare to offer innovative and unique healthcare permanent, temporary (agency) and contract staffing solutions in the UK.  Colin Pettifer, founder and Managing Director of Britannia Healthcare said “Britannia Healthcare offers greater cost reduction and value compared to all other suppliers of clinical staff to the NHS…Britannia Healthcare generates ‘like for like’ cost reduction of between 20% – 60% for agency staff via our ‘contract staffing solution’, and 35% – 60% via our ‘international recruitment solution’…Even for low order volumes this equates to £M’s savings compared with other NHS suppliers”.

Miguel Rocha, President of CF Sharp Crew Management said “we believe this collaboration will enable us to successfully compete in the UK healthcare staffing market offering fantastic value in terms of quality and cost reduction to the NHS whilst generating meaningful opportunities for Filipino healthcare workers…we look forward to working with Britannia Healthcare in the UK and internationally”.

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Britannia Insight | Challenges and Considerations Recruiting Nurses from the Philippines

The aim of this document is to offer information on the process and challenges recruiting nurses from the Philippines. This document is a response to a number of senior NHS Directors (Workforce Planning, HR, Procurement, Recruitment and Nursing) from different hospital trusts, for the purpose of providing an insight into some of the key considerations for planning an overseas recruitment programme.

We have included some potential solutions for improving the recruitment process for the ‘key’ stakeholders who we identify as being predominantly NHS employers and candidate nurses.  Many of these solutions are unique to Britannia Healthcare and some are inimitable.  In particular, our solutions focus on reducing recruitment costs for both employers and candidates and simplifying the process to eliminate some of the unnecessary complexity.

We believe the key challenges to and considerations for running a successful nursing recruitment programme in the Philippines are:

  • Government Bureaucracy
  • Passing IELTS
  • Costs faced by nurse candidates (IELTS, NMC registration)
  • Post Job Offer ‘Candidate churn’ created by IELTS failures and overwhelming costs
  • Unplanned recruitment costs (for employers) as a result of these factors
  • Retention issues for nurses arriving in less desirable areas


Download full paper:  BH_Recruiting Challenges_20thMay2016