Why Us

Why Choose Us?

We believe our services to be uniquely beneficial to both employers and candidates and our vision is to become the overseas recruitment provider of choice because of our unparalleled value and performance.
We are confident that our understanding of the UK nursing market and our excellent nursing network combined with our welfare support programme will result in better retention of employees for our UK clients.
Our approach can generate huge cost savings because of the reduced need for agency staff, and it will significantly reduce costs for recruitment of permanent employees.

"We are confident in our capability to outperform the market both in terms of cost and service".

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What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Britannia Healthcare is the only genuine 'single interface' overseas recruiting solution that cuts out the expensive ‘middle man’ whilst achieving better results.
We are part of a leading international recruitment group from the Philippines. CF Sharp Group has a 70 year history and experience recruiting personnel for our global clients.
Our Filipino Management Team and Advisory Board have over 100 years of combined multi-disciplined clinical and healthcare experience from the UK, US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Middle East.

Why Choose Filipino nurses and healthcare staff?

We believe that Filipino nurses are the best qualified nurses and all Filipino healthcare staff are the most suited to international roles because English is their first language.
Filipino nurses are educated to Bachelors degree standard, completing one of the most well regarded, relevant academic and practical training programmes.
We are able to select the best applicants in the Philippines and we are focussed on delivering a better quality service with more positive outcomes for our clients.

The 'Britannia Benefit'

We can offer greater cost reduction and value compared to all other suppliers of clinical staff to the NHS

Britannia Healthcare generates ‘like for like’ cost reduction of between 20% – 60% for agency staff via our ‘contract staffing solution’, and 35% – 60% via our ‘international recruitment solution

Even for low order volumes this equates to £M’s savings compared with other NHS suppliers

Benefits for Clients:

  • One stop shop – Single interface in UK
  • Direct Contract to Philippines agent
  • Unique offering and best value
  • We are not a large uncaring company. We give proper attention to clients and candidates
  • We are Filipino owned and operated and therefore develop loyalty and team spirit
  • We have specialist IELTS training. This unique capability allows us to run tailored courses for clients in order to guarantee IELTS passers
  • Increase retention of nurses (specifically in challenging areas)

Benefits for Nurses:

  • Credible and experienced Filipino company
  • IELTS training
  • Small company in UK with focus on welfare and support
  • Only UK/Filipino company with strong Filipino nursing leadership